Solar panel installation in Norfolk, Suffolk, East Anglia.

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About Solar Electricity

An excellent investment - with no catch!

Many people do not realize that a solar panel system will earn money as well as save it!

How and Why?

Our Government has committed itself to reduce pollution and CO2 levels by agreeing a target of 15% of all energy generated to be via “Green Technology”.

Therefore, to encourage people to “think green”, a very generous grant known as a “Feed In Tariff” or “Energy Cash Back” has been introduced.

To qualify, your solar panels must be installed by an MCS accredited installer which we are proud to be.

Basically, you get paid to generate your own electricity!

And, as a bonus, having PV solar panels installed will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your property at the rate of 400kg per Kwp per year!

In Short

A solar panel system (or PV array) will:


CETA backed warranty insurance - If I stop or cannot trade, the warranty on your installation is covered.

REA backed deposit and advanced payment insurance - for your peace of mind.

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