Research shows that since 2016 70% of solar installation companies have stopped trading.

If you have issues with your solar installation, call us for the lowest possible cost to repair your system to get you up and running ASAP.

Performance Upgrades

The advancement of solar technologies has accelerated quickly. Improved performance and reliability motivates many solar owners to upgrade their inverter or add immersion controllers. Many people choose to upgrade their existing inverter to increase the yield of the solar array.

The SolarEdge inverter and optimisers idea is nothing short of brilliant.

State of the art-small, light, silent and market leading efficiency make this the inverter of choice for installers.

Not to mention, on line monitoring and low voltage safety makes this the hands down winner of inverter technology!

Panel independence makes shading issues a thing of the past!

Please call for the lowest price anywhere!

Alpha Eco Systems also complete other upgrades such as voltage optimisers and immersion devices - please feel free to call for friendly advice.

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